Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mary Kay Divas

I had so much fun photographing before and after shots of guests for a Mary Kay Make-up party. Pictured above are the Divas that hosted this fabulous party.
These women pampered their guests with a make-over, back massage, foot massage, dinner and dessert!

I know it may be a little hard to see because I make all of my images smaller for my blog, but here is a sample of the before and after shots that were taken. I enjoyed seeing the transformations as they came in for their after shots.

This is Anthony... THE MAN OF THE HOUR! Anthony is the owner of Massage On Delivery. The ladies were raving about his services! If you are ever interested in having a Spa Party, check out his site. He comes to you. How convenient is that? So I'm thinking margaritas and a massage for my ultimate diva party!

I had to share these portraits of these beautiful divas. Family and friends just having an evening of fun.

I had such a wonderful time meeting and talking with these girls. Thank you for your hospitality. Now, if you see this and are interested in hosting one of these fabulous parties, I'm sure Miss Jackie can hook you up. Or maybe you just need to place an order for some of Mary Kay's wonderful products, she can help you with that too. Send an e-mail to or give her a call at (713)734-2839 she will be thrilled. To all you beautiful Divas at this party, check in on Tuesday night for your preview of your before and after shots.

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