Friday, May 30, 2008

HELP! Relay for Life!

Most of us have some how been affected by this terrible disease called CANCER. Thirteen years ago my Father passed away from this horrible disease. My dad was a big burly man. He was the strongest man I've ever known physically and emotionally. I watched as cancer took his life away in a matter of weeks. This year I have decided to get a team together for the relay for life with the American Cancer Society. I'm hoping to get enough donations so our team can enter the Relay. If everyone just took a second to donate $5.00 to $10.00 (or more :) ) it would help us reach our goal. If any of you would like to join my team, I'd be thrilled to have you. The relay is on June 13th and 14th and you can follow our progress on my photography blog
Please take 2 minutes to donate to a worth cause. Click on CHUNKY MONKEY to show your support!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Sweet Sugar Couture

Check out these delicious picks from a SWEET SUGAR COUTURE SESSION.

Interested in a Sweet Sugar Couture Session for your little princess?
Give me a call for more information on these fun tu-tu cute sessions!

Urban Adventures for kids!

For Urban Adventures, I work exclusively on-location with natural light. These sessions are not done in the park with a pretty flower background. These are hard core city sessions. We’re talking back ally, downtown, side street fun!
Bring all the fun, funky, classic, cool clothes and accessories you want your child to wear. Choose clothes in a variety of styles: casual, semi-dressy, all the way to formal! Let’s get CRAZY!
Bring a guitar, a skateboard, roller skates, or your pet. Bring whatever you want to include that makes your child's personality SHINE!
$125.00 - Bring a few different changes of clothes! Your session will last up to two hours and will take place wherever you want to go around town. The more unique, the better! Image proofing, and hosting to an online gallery for 10 days. A $75 non-refundable retainer is due at the time of booking to reserve your session. Your session investment also includes (1) 8x10, (2) 5x7 & (8) wallets.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

What have I been up to?

OK I'm really trying to challenge myself this year. I have a habit of not taking pictures unless there are people in them - go figure - So I'm trying to think outside "my box" and explore different objects and angles. I went with my wonderful husband to a car show a few weekends ago and this little beauty is the one that grabbed my attention. It just happened to be owned by one of his friends. Oh and I believe I heard those were original miles.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mary Kay Divas

I had so much fun photographing before and after shots of guests for a Mary Kay Make-up party. Pictured above are the Divas that hosted this fabulous party.
These women pampered their guests with a make-over, back massage, foot massage, dinner and dessert!

I know it may be a little hard to see because I make all of my images smaller for my blog, but here is a sample of the before and after shots that were taken. I enjoyed seeing the transformations as they came in for their after shots.

This is Anthony... THE MAN OF THE HOUR! Anthony is the owner of Massage On Delivery. The ladies were raving about his services! If you are ever interested in having a Spa Party, check out his site. He comes to you. How convenient is that? So I'm thinking margaritas and a massage for my ultimate diva party!

I had to share these portraits of these beautiful divas. Family and friends just having an evening of fun.

I had such a wonderful time meeting and talking with these girls. Thank you for your hospitality. Now, if you see this and are interested in hosting one of these fabulous parties, I'm sure Miss Jackie can hook you up. Or maybe you just need to place an order for some of Mary Kay's wonderful products, she can help you with that too. Send an e-mail to or give her a call at (713)734-2839 she will be thrilled. To all you beautiful Divas at this party, check in on Tuesday night for your preview of your before and after shots.