Sunday, May 25, 2008

Urban Adventures for kids!

For Urban Adventures, I work exclusively on-location with natural light. These sessions are not done in the park with a pretty flower background. These are hard core city sessions. We’re talking back ally, downtown, side street fun!
Bring all the fun, funky, classic, cool clothes and accessories you want your child to wear. Choose clothes in a variety of styles: casual, semi-dressy, all the way to formal! Let’s get CRAZY!
Bring a guitar, a skateboard, roller skates, or your pet. Bring whatever you want to include that makes your child's personality SHINE!
$125.00 - Bring a few different changes of clothes! Your session will last up to two hours and will take place wherever you want to go around town. The more unique, the better! Image proofing, and hosting to an online gallery for 10 days. A $75 non-refundable retainer is due at the time of booking to reserve your session. Your session investment also includes (1) 8x10, (2) 5x7 & (8) wallets.

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