Thursday, March 19, 2009

I am truly blessed to have amazing talented friends!

So I wake up this morning and realize I need a $400.00 background stand for a portrait session I have on Sunday at a dance studio. My mind starts turning and whirling and I decide to call a friend of mine to make a request (OK BEG) for him to make me one CHEAP. (After all I am a struggling artist)
Of course he thinks I'm CRAZY - and he's right - but he was seriously my only hope. It was already too late to order the real 20X10 backdrop stand for this weekend - besides he's talented... right? I do have to give Kudos to his wife who cheered him on and promised how easy it would be for him to make. She even spent the day helping him on my project. Check out the results! Yes I owe them BIG time.
Again guys - thank you so much.

I'm so blessed to have friends that have stood behind me and walked beside me while I continue to learn and grow my photography business. Thank you to you all - you know who you are! - HUGS - Jenn

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