Wednesday, April 22, 2009

So have you tried out the NEW Snip-its in Pearland TX yet?

Last week I took my little ones to a new beauty salon created for kids called Snip-its. This place is AWESOME! It's always a challenge to get my 5yr old a haircut. By the time we are done, I'm usually stressed out and he's usually crying. Well not here!
You walk into bright colors and crazy style that kids love. (It's almost like being in a Dr. Seuss book.) Each station has a TV that allows the kids to watch a story or play a computer game while they are having their hair cut. How neat is that! My kids loved it.

Austin left with spiky green hair. (He thought it was the coolest thing)
and Addison left with pink glitter in her hair. She was quite the little DIVA.
Feel free to go to the website for more information on this cool new spot and money saving coupons. Enjoy!

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