Sunday, September 26, 2010

My Attempt To Make Cake Balls!

So I love to look at other people's BLOGS. One that I follow is Bakerella I love to look at all of the creative cake balls she makes. So tonight I got a wild hair and decided to attempt to make some of these "cake balls" Now about 3 weeks ago I had a few from a local bakery in Pearland TX called The Cakelicious Bakery and they were Yummy!
Sooo here we go... I can do this right?

Cake Balls actually look pretty decent --- Yeah I can do this ... it's a breeze

Hold up --- wait a minute... Why don't mine look anything like the ones I ate 3 weeks ago? Why isn't my cake ball smooth and pretty? This is a big gloppy mess!

UGH! I'm not impressed with the way these turned out!

I had to cover them in crushed cookies and candy just to make them look a little better. - lol HOPELESS

OK so I guess I'll stick to taking pictures and let the bakers do their job. This was too much work! :)
They did taste wonderful though. If you happen to know what I might need to do to make them pretty, let me know :)

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